CommStrat is a boutique public relations firm servicing a full complement of businesses, with an emphasis on emerging companies with innovative new technologies. Companies can reap essential benefits from working with senior-level communications professionals as they develop their communications strategies. That's why we limit our team to industry experts with proven track records and strong customer orientation. With a clear focus on creative thinking, detailed planning, and effective execution, we cut through the cumbersome bureaucracy pervasive in traditional agencies.

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Pure Digital- Flip Streaming Media Streaming Media Cisco Home Networking InMobi

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What Our Clients Say

"While some of the biggest players in online content delivery and advertising were embracing our feed management services, we often found it challenging to communicate our story to the media. We came to understand that emerging technologies like ours are not necessarily best served by traditional PR agencies. In contrast, we found immediately that Wynne and her CommStrat team were more like us: small, nimble, and very in tune with trends in the online community. CommStrat fully grasped the value we add to publishers, advertisers, and users and expertly crafted compelling messaging that resonated with the business and trade press. The resulting press coverage and visibility had a profound impact on our business. FeedBurner is now a part of Google, and we believe that CommStrat made a significant contribution to our company's success."

Dick Costolo

"CommStrat is a group of exceptional professionals that you want to have around you when you establish a new company."

Simon Fleming-Wood, CMO, Pandora